Time-Shift: Veritas liberabit vos
The truth shall set you free


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Here you can get a good look at some projects I’m currently involved or have been involved in and some demo projects I made for application purposes and self education:

Application Development

Amarok – Rediscover music!     I’ve been part of the Amarok dev Team since October 2009. (GPL)

svn-all-fast-export     A fork of the KDE svn-all-fast-export (svn2git) tool increasing code readability, maintainability, fixing some bugs and a convert to CMake. (GPL)


Operating System Development

DD OS     A small lightweight demo operating system written in assembler and C\C++.  Its currently under development. (GPL)

Game Development

Kartuga     A Game developed by Ticking Bomb Games with Innogames as Publisher. It was canceled by Innogames in the open beta phase. (Proprietary)

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances     A Game developed by  EA:Phenomic. It’s live! (Proprietary)

RGB4 – Der letzte macht das Licht aus     A Game developed by the Game Development Interest Group FH-Trier. (BSD,CC)

Displacement Mapping in DirectX 11     My Bachelor Thesis. A Demo using Hull/Domain Shader for Displacement Mapping. (GPL)

Tech Demos     Technology Demos I’ve written as proof of concept or just for personal education. (GPL)

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