Time-Shift: Veritas liberabit vos
The truth shall set you free


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DD OS will be a very small and lightweight operating system. Boot loaders and Boot Sectors are written in ASM (90% complete). The Kernel and System utilities will be written in C\C++. All the source code will released under a GPL license once this project has reached a usable status (currently the boot sector loads the boot loader which is trying to find the kernel image on a ext2 partition and that’s about it 😉 ).

So why am I doing this (there are already some very nice OSs out there)? Mainly for 4 reasons:

  • Its geeky (Who can say about himself that he has written an OS he?).
  • After reading Linus Torvals “Just for fun” (a good and funny book. Go get it!) I wanted to see if I could do something like it.. just for fun ;o).
  • Doing so I’ll learn even more about internal OS functions than I already know and learn how bootstrapping works.
  • Its VERY geeky 😛

So as you can see I don’t want to become the next Linus Torvals or (good forbid) the next Bill Gates. I just want to see if I have the balls to write my very own OS. If I can see all the files on my hard-drive and maybe view whats in text files or search files my curiosity will be satisfied and this project will be published here for others to learn from it.

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