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Gamescom or Why the gaming industry is bleeding out

So.. I finally made it to gamescom this year.  Last times this event took place I was buried under tons of university work. This time I could shake myself loose. Not only for fun reasons as some of you might think, but because I want to become a game developer (yes I’m positive and yes I AM crazy). GameStar was hosting a career booth for all the crazy people to get some insight into game development. So this was the place I spend the most of my time. But I get ahead of myself. The first thing I did of course was looking around a bit to see what the industry has to offer this year. I was dismayed to say the least. Basically there are 4 genres which you can buy games from at the moment: Browser Games (boring), MMOG (even more boring), Casual Games (boring like hell) or the 1924739th continuation of the “new” whatsoever. There wasn’t a SINGLE NEW idea on that damn exhibition. OK OK maybe I missed something.. after all I wasn’t there to buy games.. I wanted to get into the Industry. So back to the GameStar booth. There I was.. sitting in the audience of one talk after another and trying to hold back on my tears. One Browser Game Company after another came forward to show how NICE and SPLENDID their games (which all looked and DID the same) where and why we should work for them. Excuse me? Where are the GAME COMPANY’S? I mean the ones that MATTER!?! That made the gaming industry the way it is today!? Guess what? They either make browser games now or are finished! To make it short: The gaming industry is nearly dead. Nothing new.. only titles which where successful in the last 21239 years are continued and the rest is just a pile of browser and mmog stuff. What have we come to :-(. Don’t get me wrong.. I understand the standpoint of the industry in this matter.. making browser and mmo games is much saver that spending millions on new stuff which might not work out. The problem is with the gamers! We have gone gaga! We let the industry feed us with ever the same content and still keep on using and buying this stuff! After this shock I was looking forward to the EA talk (imagine that). But guess what? This one gave me the death blow. De facto they told all people sitting in the audience that you can only work in the gaming industry if you work in the gaming industry.. a coterie! I always knew they would go mad some day! Now they have! That I’m disappointed is an understatement. Disenchanted is more like it. What have we come to?

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  • The revolution is coming 😉