Time-Shift: Veritas liberabit vos
The truth shall set you free

Making Games Talents and beyond

Yesterday I “Making Games Talents” finally was held in my area (at least near enough to attend it) and the company set that was presenting itself contained all the company’s I ever wanted to work for: Related Designs, Crytek and Spellbound. First of all I’d like to thank Game Star (and IDG) and especially Heiko Klinge for making this event possible. It means a lot to us crazy devs, designers and artists to have the possibility to actually shake some hands instead of just writing one application after another and get ignored. This way we can show the company’s why we matter and why we stick out of the crowd. It was a quite rainy day yesterday and the first hard thing was to find the place ;o). Honestly guys.. next time a better description would be nice (or was this the first test?). However during my search I met some people who where also looking for the right place and so we made a team effort out of it. We sticked together for a while and met again later on. What will become out of this group is uncertain, but we exchanged e-mail addresses and you might here from us again (On this blog or maybe even on a bigger scale) ;o).  I first attended some lectures. After that I tried to get started with shaking hands. Getting to someone wasn’t really the easy part. Because the company’s like Crytek, Related Designs and Spellbound where all but overrun. I took my place in the line and finally had the chance to shake the hand of the CEO from Related Designs (if that isn’t already something ;o) ). Sadly though they don’t have a position open for a junior programmer at the moment. He took my portfolio and wrote some infos down. To bad. I’d really enjoyed working for them! The Crytek booth was badly crowded, but I tried my luck. When I was finally in front of the booth I met Cortney. He’s talent manager at Crytek. He took the time to look at the game I developed together with the GDIG at FH-Trier and listen to my explanations. I found him to be quite patient and friendly (considering what he had to all day). Last but not least I went to the Spellbound booth to present my case. They also where very patient (considering my notebook crashed before I could start the game and they had to wait on it for quite some time) and especially very friendly. All in all my hopes have somewhat risen (concerning GamesCom they have rocketed). Now comes the hardest part: wait and see. In the meantime I’ll look for more opportunities to get into the gaming industry. Keep your thumbs crossed!

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