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Surprised about the surprises (Or why nokias deal was a logic step)

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

So.. Nokia and Microsoft heh? Well well what do you say about that. I’m for one are most certainly NOT surprised about that. Ever since Nokia bought Trolltech I was a bit uneasy and unhappy about it. Nokia never stroke me as the company that does much community work that doesn’t end up in their pockets immediately. Sure sure they have done some Open Source stuff in their times, but only to attract more developers and get even more money. To make long words short: They are capitalist. Always were and always will be I guess. So when they bought Trolltech I was not happy about it. And my experiences later on definitely were proof of that (I refer to a “nice” telephone session we had on the Randa Multimedia Sprint with the Nokia guys about Qt Multimedia). Qt was beginning to fall in line with Nokias “Money is everything. Community nothing” mantra. Call me paranoid but right then I already felt that it wasn’t quite the end of it. So Nokia now turns to a company that’s following the same call (for money and no community) they have for years. Its almost like people on a sinking ship holding on to one another and hoping they won’t drown. If not for all the implications on KDE and Amarok I most certainly would find it amusing. I for one haven’t used Nokia devices for a long time now and am only using Microsoft products if I have to. So the only thing (apart from the Qt stuff) this deal changes for me is that I can only party once instead of twice when the Nokia/Microsoft ship will finally bubble away in the deep ocean of “Nice try”. Too bad :-P.