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How to make your geek happy

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Well its that time of the year again isn’t it? Where the snow is falling, everyone is lingering around fireplaces and.. oh yea.. Christmas presents. Its always the same problem. What in gods name should I get for XY. The worst choice of all is of course: what to get your geek? Be it a friend, your boyfriend, brother or whatever.. geeks are hard to satisfy! Most of the times they will get that strange look in the face after opening your present. You know.. that look that says: thank you but WTF should I do with that piece of s****.  So be at ease, because I’ve got just the tip for you ;-). Take a look at http://www.getdigital.de/ . Most of the stuff there will make your geek happy. OK you’ve got to know him at least a little bit the make a decent choice. But hey.. life can’t be THAT easy :-P. After all getDigital has introduced a nice wish-list feature (just in time for Christmas). If you can convince your geek to put some stuff onto it you’ll just have to choose and buy. I love technology at work :-P.

P.S. I’ve got myself quite some stuff from getDigital.de. Some was a gift (like my 30cm plush tux that is following me to every amarok booth). Some I gave to myself (I’m a heavy tea drinker and the frozen tux mug is my best tea cup).